Eligible Students for Master of Arts Political Science : now online

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Introduction to Master of Arts Political Science

Master of Arts Political Science
Master of Arts Political Science

Master of Political Science seeks to understand the practice of politics and the exercise of power from domestic, international, and comparative perspectives. We address some of the fundamental problems facing human society: war and peace, authoritarianism and democracy, economic development and inequality, and environmental degradation.

The Master of Arts in Political Science is a research-intensive program designed to teach students the interdisciplinary nature of the discipline. The program combines courses in U.S. and Comparative Politics, International Relations, and Constitutional Law. The program is well-suited for students who wish to become researchers in the field or pursue a Ph.D. in Political Science.

Eligibility for MA Political Science

  • Bachelor’s degree in any stream preferably Arts and Humanities.
  • Minimum marks required vary from 45% to 55% in graduation and may vary for different universities.
  • The minimum percentage is higher for non-humanities courses.

Universities that conduct MA Political Science Courses

There are some universities:-

Career Options after MA Political Science

Master of Arts Political Science
Master of Arts Political Science

After completing the M.A. in Political Science, students are well-positioned to pursue a variety of career options.

  • Political Consultant
  • Policy Analyst
  • Legislative Assistant
  • Public Opinion Analyst
  • Campaign Organiser .
  • Political Commentator .
  • Legislative Analyst .


Course Name MA Political Science

Full Form Master of Arts in Political Science

Duration 2 Years

Basic Eligibility Bachelor’s degree with 50% or more in Political Science or in any other

MA Political Science Jobs Academician , Activists ,Political Content Writer , etc

MA Political Science Salary INR 4,00,000 – 8,00,000

MA in Political Science Syllabus

Though the course structure of an MA in Political Science might vary from one university to another, some of the major subjects that are generally included under this 2-year degree program.

Semester 1 Semester 2

  1. Contemporary Political Theroy 2.Political Thinking Since Marx
  2. Research Methodology 2.Comparative Politics
  3. Western Political 3.Political Sociology
  4. Ancient Political Thought 4.Theories of International Relations
  5. Practical Work/Exercise 5.Work/Exercise

Semester 3 Semester 4

1.Public Administration. 1.Social Movement and Revolutions.

2.International Politics 2.Post-Cold War International Relations.

3.Political Philosophy 3.Themes in World Politics and

4.Debates in Political Theory 4.International Political Economy

5.Practical Work/Exercise 5.Comparative Political Analysis

6.Parties , Elections and Political Process

MA in Political Science Scope

Master of Arts Political Science

Who Should Apply: Students interested in the study of politics with a focus on the U.S. Constitution, American politics and politics in the global context. Students with a background in political theory, philosophy, or a related discipline are encouraged to apply.

This degree is designed to give students a broad understanding of the field of political science as well as training in the advanced study of a particular area of the field.

Because the curriculum is designed to allow students to design their own program of study, students can customize their degree to reflect their particular interests and background.

The Political Science program at Loyola University Maryland offers a MA degree with a specialization in Political Science. This degree program is designed for students who want to pursue a career in the field of political science but who do not have a bachelor’s degree in the discipline.

In the Political Science program, you can choose from a variety of concentrations, such as American Government, International Relations, and Political Theory. The program also offers minors in American Politics and Political Theory, and a certificate in Global Politics.

MA Political Science: What is it all About ?

Master of Arts Political Science is hard to imagine a more exciting time to be a student of politics. The world is watching as we struggle to define our role in a rapidly changing world.

A Policeman is someone who works for the government and enforce the law. A politician is someone who works in the government to make laws.

A government official is the highest rank of a politician. An elected official is someone who is elected by the people to work in the government.

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